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The cubicle system EF-3 JUMP draws attention through its floating look. The recessed feet and the recessed head section, in connection with the wall connectors as a shadow gap, give this system a very special visual appeal.

Dividing wall with recessed foot together with anodised aluminium holder.

For the necessary stabilisation of the front elements, a T connector is screwed into the partition and front side.

All parts are protected from corrosion, ensuring that the entire construction is waterproof.

The head rail is recessed by 150mm. Sturdy aluminium brackets ensure the systems necessary stability and Iresistance to warping.

More light. More room. lluminated front—the perfect combination of de-sign and function. By using these long-life energy saving fluorescent lamps you can safe lots of energy. The illuminates can be changed easily by the customers technician. Invisible power supply through the dividing wall or over the head rail. Colours can be chosen by the customer. By using different colours you can get very special effects. The customer can chose from a wide range of HPL surfaces as well as choosing the individual colour of the glass. Enamelled safety glass colour chosen from the customer will be clipped in the element. There are no visible screws, the customer’s technician can open the security lock to take off the glass.

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