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Healthcare IPS

Back-Outlet & Bottom-Outlet Basins

Front Render of IPS Units
Back Render of an IPS Unit
Back Render of IPS Bottle Trap

Back Outlet Basins

The C&B “Mediserve” Clinical Back-Outlet Basin is ideal for use within any washroom setting, but is very popular within healthcare environments.

C&B “Mediserve” boxed-out IPS panel systems are ideal for refurbishment or additional works projects due to their fast installation. These units project out from the finished wall to provide a self contained system. The plumbing is concealed behind the whole unit with easy to access doors. 

Panels are manufactured from impact resistant, compact grade laminate for optimum hygiene, allowing cleaning chemicals and water to be used without affecting the the material.

Example Unit Sanitaryware & Parts:

Basin: 50cm Contour21, S2154 with S9112
Bolts and Clips
Tap: Markwik-21+ Panel Mounted, A6682
Bottle Trap: A10R
Sink Adaptor: S875067
Isolation Valve: 2x CP961 Wondervalve

Example Unit Panel Construction:

Frame: Engineered Ply
Board: Solid Grade Laminate
4x Pull Off Keku Clips: Art. no. 262.50.313
8x Lift Off Keku Clips: Art. no. 262.49.310
2x C&B Hinges

Each of our bespoke “Mediserve” Clinical Back-Outlet Basin units are designed and manufactured to ensure they meet our clients needs, and fit into any environment they are required to.

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