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C&B Systems provide design support, project drawings complete with Operation and Maintenance manuals to support the project delivery and the FM requirements.

Using the long history and success of C&B Systems, C&B are able to work directly with manufacturers of taps, sanitary ware and throughout the plumbing industry, providing some of the most competitive prices. C&B Systems supply and install washrooms, changing Rooms and products in market sectors such as schools, hospitals, leisure centres, hotels, office interiors, airports, stations, shipping and recently, large private housing washroom areas.



C&B establish a practice of design improvement, by ensuring that C&B fully understand the material science of different materials within products and by establishing good relationships with key suppliers to  make sure that there is a  continual process of product improvement within the HTM, HBN, WRAS, NICE, BS and EN protocols.   Key supplier agreements exist with:

Ideal Standard/Armitage






RAK Ceramics





Partners in Germany

Partners in Hong Kong

Healthcare/Hospital Specific Comment: There are currently only 3 manufacturers with pottery products that suit a total hospital criteria. All options are available to C&B, some with design benefits where manufacturers alter the product to suit our requirement while maintaining price. This offers big advantages to the client. Some manufacturers will enable C&B to stay outside of the distribution merchant system, enabling C&B to achieve a price benefit.   C&B aim to ensure that as much research as possible from work in progress is gained from NHS trusts, infectious controls departments, ward sisters, surgeons, facility managers, manual handling and our own installers.   C&B work to bridge the gap between an NHS trust who believes all materials and products being supplied to a hospital have been researched out and the manufacturer who believes the hospital knows what it is asking for.   With PPS/IPS/CPS systems there are many associated products that need to be considered when working with the 3 major hospital coding systems. These affect room use and size.  




C&B Systems designs, manufactures and installs water based hospital product assemblies mainly pre-plumbed within the factory. The system is known as PPS Mediserve, the generic trade name is IPS or CPS and contains a programme of continuous design improvement. Improvement to clinical and medical performance includes using fewer parts of higher specification.



1. To stay up to date with current and ongoing guidelines: HTM, HBN, HGN, WRAS, TMV3, BS, EN schemes, infectious controls and manual handling. Also to take account of discussion documents and DHS directives. Weight test all assemblies – both the Scottish and English versions, which can be different and contain leading development subjects.

2. Take into account the materials being used, the clinical/medical issues putting the hospital use as the major influence.

  • Does the product that C&B supplies reduce the chance of infection?

  • How does the water enter the product? How does it exit?

  • If one section of the HTM conflicts with another, then re-look at what is the most important element and go for that.

3. Designing in improvements and reducing the cost.

4. To look equally at all aspects of the assembly to assure compatibility of parts (does the water splash?). Our aim is to ignore standard ‘off the shelf’ products (unless they solve a problem) and work with tailor made pieces of sanitary ware, stainless steel, brass ware, thermostatic valves, etc. and ensure that they exceed the guidelines set down by out of date historic documents.

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