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Healthcare IPS

Specialist IPS Units

Specialist IPS Units

Example Unit Sanitaryware & Parts:

Basin: 50cm Contour21, S2154 with S9112
Bolts and Clips
Tap: Markwik-21+ Panel Mounted, A6682
Bottle Trap: A10R
Sink Adaptor: S875067
Isolation Valve: 2x CP961 Wondervalve

Example Unit Panel Construction:

Frame: Engineered Ply
Board: Solid Grade Laminate
4x Pull Off Keku Clips: Art. no. 262.50.313
8x Lift Off Keku Clips: Art. no. 262.49.310
2x C&B Hinges

Each of our bespoke “Mediserve” Clinical Back-Outlet Basin units are designed and manufactured to ensure they meet our clients needs, and fit into any environment they are required to.

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