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No other material offers as many arrangement possibilities as glass. The cubicles are long-lasting and extremely easy to clean. Upper bracket with recessed profile. The front is stabilised with solid aluminium brackets and a stabilising aluminium connector.

Cubicle System Vitrum III here is made of white enamelled float glass (Optiwhite).

All fittings are made of stainless steel. Necessary fixing rosettes are embed into the glass so that the surface is flush.

Large stainless steel locks, without any nylon and an easy to use knob inside the cubicle.

By using a special hinge construction the door is fixed in an upper guide track. So no hinges have to be put on the glass and an additional front element is not necessary .

The matching part is fixed on the floor. The door operates stable and durable by the central pin. A highly elegant solution.

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